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Case Studies

The performance of procurement net and its reached advantages or savings for the purchasing departments of search customers can be described more concrete  with detailed case studies. Therewith are the categories of assemblies distinguished.

Practical experiences have shown that considerable improvements can be realized in every category. The case studies clarify that not only high quantities of parts but also small requirements or even capital goods can be purchased via the procurement net.

As already pointed out in the area “benefit potentials”, the advantages of purchasing by using the procurement net do not just refer to reduced purchasing prices. Moreover considerable advantages in reference to logistics costs, process costs, quality and security are realized.

The  mentioned case studies only present some exemplary effects. In the end each case has its own successful solution.


Please click on the corresponding link to load the favored case study.

Case Study 1: Assemblies of low and moderate complexity.

Case Study 2: Assemblies of high complexity.

Case Study 3: Capital goods.

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