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Starting Point

Due to its detrimental wage cost regulations the competitiveness of the industry location Germany is in jeopardy for many industrial sectors.
Many companies in Germany would be able to secure their ability to survive on a long-term basis, if they improved, alongside with adjustments regarding the wage cost structure, also their procurement strategy. Many of the concerned middle-sized companies (the so-called “search customers”) have neither the organizational nor the financial means to inter-connect, globally-orient or improve their purchase all by their own. This is exactly where the procurement net comes in and offers these companies access to optimized procurement resources through its services (by means of so-called “procure customers”). To sum up:

Usually, a middle-sized company has neither the organizational nor the financial means to globally-orient or improve its purchase.
For C-articles there already are possibilities for the improvement of procurement operations. For A & B-articles the range of services is extremely limited if not inexistent, especially for medium-sized companies.
Speaking from practice, middle-sized companies are in favour of using global procurement optimization solutions, but they are not able to put them into practice by their own.